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Deposit US Smallcap Stocks
With a FINRA and SEC registered
Investment Adviser

This regulated asset manager buys positions in small cap companies, accepts client deposits and deals with accredited investors. The company is able to clear many titles.

  • No upfront fees

  • Over 3,000 approved symbols

  • Fast processing times

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New York City


 Thousands of investors have invested into Reg A offerings, provided loans or simply hold shares in small cap companies that trade on the OTC Markets and are getting their deposit requests rejected by their brokers. But not here. 


The fund is able to deposit over 3,000 companies currently traded on the OTC Markets. Fill out the contact form to find out if yours is on the list. We have helped many institutional and individual investors get their shares deposited and sold.


You will be dealing with a FINRA and SEC registered investment adviser firm, transfer your share position into the firms designated fund and sell your shares in the market. The firm charges standard industry fees. 

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